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Posted by Sunlight Sunshine on Friday, October 14, 2011 Under: Cyprus cats

On the picture you can see three cats. The two bigger ones I feed every day. And they adopted a little girl. :) They are always together, the little one is clever, does not leave them. She goes with them, so she already knows where I have food and water for them, where she can find warm place to sleep. But if they go to far, she sits down and cries after them. So cute little one. I already put eye drop for her, so her eyes is better now. She does not like if I touch her, but something for something. :) She will get tablets for worms, too. Here is a closer photo of her.

The next photo is Ufo. Do you think also her eyes are strange? He came a week ago, and stuck there. He cries a lot, and walks up and down like he looks for something. Maybe for the family who through him out? Or lost him?

And her on the middle do you see a little girl? She was very sick and very thin when she came. I put medicine for her, I made a worm place for her, so she feels better herself. I hope she will survive and I will have a lot more photos of her. She is a beautiful three colors girl. ( I know this photo is not the best, I will try to make a better one and post it.)

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