Balthazar and Lucky

Posted by Sunlight Sunshine on Thursday, March 3, 2011 Under: Balthazar, Pepper and Lucky
 Looks like they already forgot Pepper. It is good, enough if just I cry and I am afraid for all of them. I still do not know how Pepper died. And I think I will never do. But my tip is a car hit him, and he still had a power to go from the road and died near to his home. I cry after him, I miss him. What is strange, I have no a good photo of him. It is hard to take photos, because how they see me, they run to me. But of course it is not impossible. So I quickly made photos of Balthazar and Lucky. Here they are:

After breakfast good to rest. :)

And Lucky hunt little. :)

They are all right now, but I am afraid. They are still young, they stay near me, but what about when they will go after the female cats? How they will survive? Will they?

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