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  After Moro Midnight got sick. She showed little pain in her ear, so I cleaned for her. She was so cute how hold her head and let me to do it. I promised to her how we take back Moro to the doctor on the next day she could come too, to see what is wrong with her. In the evening she did not want to eat, she drunk little water and I put her to sleep in her bed. The next day when I woke up I went to check on her. I found her at the plates, but she was not eating, she was dead. She died! I can not imagine what happened. I am sure she did not cry, because I did not woke up, she vomited before she died, and in the vomit there were food, too, so she ate. I will never know why she died and I will always think it was my mistake! :( Rest in peace little girl!

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