One of the kitty, who came a few days ago is sick. She did not want to eat and unfortunately the mother already left them. So today I had a lot of work with her. I gave her medicine for worms and I tried to feed her. I took tin food, I broke small pieces and put in her mouth. And I hold her mouth closed till she ate the food. Like that she ate little, but very little. I was afraid to push her more, I hope each time she will eat more and more, and slowly she will eat alone.


Her brothers are better, they ate a lot today, and they drove me crazy, they wanted I pet them all the time. They can not stay where I work, so they came and I took them back to their place. Every 10 minutes. :)
But for this little one I am afraid too much. She is not well, she does not afraid from the cars, and today I caught her on the street. :(