Tractor kitties

Posted by Sunlight Sunshine on Friday, February 17, 2012 Under: Cyprus cats
 Reminder: In July of 2011 I saved two little kitties from a tractor.

It was a miracle I could listen them to cry, stop the tractor and find the two little ones in the dirt. And I could give back them to the mother!
 After this I lost them, the mother hided them. The truth I did not want to look for them, I respected the mother, she did not want to show them to me. When I saw them again they were 8 weeks old.
One of them was a lot smaller than the other. She was sick. And unfortunately she died in accident.

She was a very cute little kitty, with two amazing green eyes!
The brother I did not see long time just from far and I was not sure it was he. But sometimes he visits me and a few days ago I had good luck I could take a few photos. I know they are not so sharp and nice, but I think they show how beautiful boy he became.

I hope next time when he came I will have my camera with me and I can took nicer photos to show him to you. He has a very beautiful fur and green eyes!

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