I found Moro when she was just a few days old. She was crying under the trees. Read more >>>>

Little and so Little

She was just about 8 month old, when I saw her the first time in the parking. She was a happy and very busy cat. She had to check everything what moved or passed there. She did not walk, she always run. We became friends very quickly. She waited me every morning in my door, and every evening at my work - the two of them was not far away - and walked home with me.  Read more >>>>


 Devil's daughter. She had three beautiful kitties. I was afraid. They were too near too the road. Devil was clever street cat, but the kitties were too young to feel the danger. One in the morning I could not find the kitties, just Devil cried and looked for them. I had a couple of minutes so I looked around but they were nowhere. Read more >>>>


 It was my first winter here. I came to this country in June, 2005. In September I went to work in a different place, and everything begun. It was a rainy, cold day. I was bored, I had no so much work, so I went outside just to look around. On the street I saw a cat. She was far. I hoped she came to me. She had two kitties with her. I called them, and they came near to me. But they did not trust me. I could not touch no one of them. I put food and milk for them, and stepped back. They ate and they left. The next day they came again. Mother was tired, dirty and thin. Read more >>>>

 Tom and Jerry 

 They were just a few days old when I found out where Angel hided the kitties. I fed the mother every day. It was a very hot summer. In summer time I have a lot of kitties with infected eyes. It is not hard to put eye drop for them, if you can catch them. But to catch? Hm, it is not easy. Read more >>>>


 I remember the first time when I saw her 3 years ago. She was small, happy. She was still with the mother and brother. I fed them every day, but she was just like her mother, I could not touch her, she did not came near to me. After the mother left them, just I fed them. The brother, who I called Big Boy was friendly, but Beauty always run away how saw me. Big Boy and I went after her, to call back to the food. Read more >>>>

 Cats on the street 

 There are a lot of kind of. Small and big, young and old, clean and dirty, thin and fat, nice and ugly...... But one thing is same in each of them. They live on the streets, the people do what ever they want with them. Read more >>>>


 It happened four years ago. Early morning I went to work. My husband worked at night, I worked at day. How I stepped in the shop, he told me: "Come outside! I want to show you something."
I looked at his face, and I knew what he wanted to show me. A cat came again, who needed help. I knew if the problem was big I could not help. Read more >>>>


 It was 2006 spring. She came to eat every day, with a boy, Ginger. And one day they did not  go, they stayed with me. They got a paper box with a pillow outside and they slept there. Devil was the cleverest cat, who I knew. The only problem was she bit little, if she loved somebody. She did not bite strongly, just little, where ever she could reach us. Read more >>>>


Princess had an owner. And English woman lived here not far, she loved Princess. Princess was nice, clean and fat. Sometimes she came to me, too, to check what I put for the cats. In this time we had a friend who worked in a restaurant, so she could give us a lot of meet. My street cats had a good time. Princess was a big cat, but she quickly became my friend. She always had 6 - 7 kitties.

Read more >>>>

Kitties, who had no name  

 Their stories are the same. I found them or they found me, but it was late. They were sick or hurt. They were to sick to do anything. In this case I can do just one thing. Read more >>>>


 Devil had 6 kitties. I love cats, but I do not like if they have kitties. The reason, because I know they will die, I will cry. It is hard to feed them every day and the next day find them dead. But back to the family.
I was sad how I looked at them and I did not understand Devil, why she put them next to the road.
Read more >>>>


 Angel threw five, beautiful kitties. When I saw them the first time, they were still wet. In this time the owner renovated the parking place, the houses, so Angel could not find safe place for the kitties, she put them just behind an iron things. I knew they could not stay day, from the morning they had too much sun. Read more >>>>

 Sock - Zokni

A summer evening I was putting food for my cats in the parking place when I listened kitties cried. I wondered. I knew my street cats they had no so little kitties in this time. I followed the voices and I recognized it came from the big rubbish. I tried to find them, but I could not. Read more >>>>