Cat Sanctuary

About Our Shelter

Cyprus Cats Sanctuary was established by Gabriella Bús to provide Limassol’s homeless cat and kitten population with the nourishment, medical care and love they need and deserve.

With more cats than humans in Cyprus, everyone must take some responsibility for helping control the problem while keeping cat welfare top priority.

Our mission is to make a better and safer place for the Cyprus homeless cat population.

What We Do

Cyprus Cats


We stive where possible to administer simple treatments to treat the sick cats and stop any illnesses spreading.

Cyprus Cats

Feed and Water

The staple of our service is make sure all of the abandoned cats have access to freash food and water.

Cyprus cats

Find A Home

We actively seek new suitable homes for the cats at the cemetry and can advise on caring for your new pet.

€25 Saves a Life

Our cats health and safety is paramount to us but of course we get overwhelmed with new cats, many of whom have medical issues.

All donations are gratefully received and go towards the cost of food and basic medications.


We are sad when we see our cats leave but of course delighted that they have a brighter future free from isolation and illness.

All cats need a safe and caring environment and we look forward to sharing your hapiness.

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