About Us

 This is hard. Why I have to talk about us?I do not like to talk about myself. And here I am not important. Here the cats are. And I think the stories tell you everything what you have to know. The only thing what I would like to tell you is why my name is Sunlight on the internet. I did not choose my name, I got it from a strange people.

 In 2006, an ugly winter day I went to feed my street cats. A man came to me and we begun to talk. We talked about the street cats, how they lived, how they could survive. I told him a few words about Skipper, about the hunting, the sickness and so on. I told him I tried to look after them, fed them every day, put medicine for them, if they needed or just pet them, if they liked. Before he left he told me this: "Thank you to look after the cats, you are the sunlight in their life." I could not what to tell, he left. But the name stayed, stayed because it was true. I felt it was true. How everything die without sunlight, my street cats and adopted cats die without me, too. Of course I can not save all of them. When one of them dies, I cry. I cry, because I see everyday their death, I see some of the people how hate them, how others try to martyr them.

 The man, who gave me the name was not the first who stopped to talk to me. There were others, too. Some of them told me they liked animals, but they did not like these cats, because they ate from the rubbish. I asked them: " How you can tell me you like animals? Do not you think, if you will have no house, money, you will not eat from rubbish? What about if we will have a war? You will sit down and die? I do not think that. And who chooses to be on the street? The cats? Or is it not our mistake, too? Do you think they do not want to live in a house, with an owner who likes them, who pet them, who feed them?" Some of the people could not answer me.

You know I understand if the people do not line animals. It is all right with me. But what I can not understand, why they have to hurt animals. They can feel, love on the same way how we feel or love. Why we do not see this?

Sometimes I wish they can talk. Not just the cats, but the animals. I believe if they tell the story of their life a lot more people will listen. But I think it will stay just a dream.

And here I take the chance and ask for something. If you come in this country for holiday, please put little food for the cats.  And please do not forget, we have no so much rain, so for them sometimes is hard to find water to drink. It is as important as the food.


Cyprus rescue cat

Cyprus rescue cat Skipper, given less than 1% to live at age 3 - 4 month.

It happened four years ago. Early morning I went to work. My husband worked at night, I worked at day. How I stepped in the shop, he told me: "Come outside! I want to show you something." I looked at his face, and I knew what he wanted to show me. A cat came again, who needed help. I knew if the problem was big I could not help. I followed my husband. How I stepped outside...........