Devil's daughter. She had three beautiful kitties. I was afraid. They were too near too the road. Devil was clever street cat, but the kitties were too young to feel the danger. One in the morning I could not find the kitties, just Devil cried and looked for them. I had a couple of minutes so I looked around but they were nowhere.

(Baba's sister. I lost her.)
I went to work, and how my husband arrived I told him the news and run to look for the kitties. I know the neighborhood very well, I know where my cats took a rest in the hot, were they got extra food or drink, so I begun too look for the kitties in that places. I hoped they just went after the oldest cat and they got lost. But I had no luck I found nobody.

(I found Baba and I gave back to Devil)
In the afternoon I had too work again, but evening I continued to look for them. At nigh, 11 o'clock I came home with no hope. I went to take a bath and rest little in the hot water, I tried to not cry, to not  think about the kitties. But my thoughts were with them. It was just not fair I always had to loose my cats. I could not get used to it. It was impossible. And still it is.
How I laid in the hot water I listened crying behind our building. There were a parking place of the hotel, there were cats too. I already went there just before I came home, but this crying gave me a hope. I jumped out from the water, put my clothes and run. I run at our shop, where my husband was working, he shouted after me, he wanted to know where I run at night. I shout back just one word: Baba. He looked at me sadly, he did not listen anything, and he was outside. I run in the parking and called Devil. The kitties had no name yet, but I knew they knew how I called their mother, they knew my steps. I looked under each car, but nothing. I saw a few adult cat, but I could not see the kitty who was crying how I made bath. I turned back too came home, the tears begun in my eyes, when behind me I listened a small 'mau'. I turned back, and Baba looked at me. I run to her, picked her up, kissed her and I brought her back to her mother. The other two kitties I have never found.

Baba grow up on the street, she became a beautiful cat. One day she was missing. I looked for her and I found her. She was injured, somebody kicked her two much, she could not walk. I brought her home, where she had food, water twenty four hours a day, and what is important, people could not hurt her. Very slowly but she get better. I wanted to keep her inside, but how we opened the door she run outside. I let her. If she felt herself well in the street I could not lock her insede. And she felt herself well till she did not see young people. How she saw them she run to us, in the shop. It was not possible to keep her there so I brought her home again. She stayed little and she went again out. One day she made me kitties. I could not find owner for them, so I kept them. Their name is Mr. Rocherster and Copy.
In May of 2009 we took Baba and other three cat to our land. We hoped we could make them a beautiful place to live, and moved there the others, too.

But the bad people found us there also. On 9. Aug. 2009 my husband went to the land alone, I stayed to work. When he came back I saw on his face something was wrong. He told me what. A hunter shut Tom, one of the cat, who we took there and Baba was missing. I planed to go the next day to look for her, but the life wanted something else. On 10. Aug. 2009 in the morning my mother called me and told me my father was in the hospital. In the afternoon he died. So I did not went to look for Baba, I spend my time home crying. After I had to go home, so I begun to look for her just after 3 weeks. Till this time Devil also was missing from the land. My husband gave her, and Jerry food on 11. Aug. 2009 and the next day he could not find her.
I looked for them in the neighborhood so many times, I promised myself I did not give up, they were clever street cats, they must stayed alive. And 13. April 2010 we went for shopping in a village where we went rarely. The owner of the shop was a very old lady, who was so happy we bought a lot of things there and she told us, she had no money left, she bought things for the shop and she was afraid too much. I still see her face how she hold the money in her hand and told us "thank you" no one time. How we left from her a cat crossed the road opposite is. "Baba" - told my husband and parked the car quickly. We got out from the car and looked the cat who was hiding herself under a car.  She was Baba. I could not believe. After seven month we found Baba. She were beautiful, healthy and fat. And here I made a mistake. I brought her home. But Baba was not room cat, she was street cat, she did not want to stay inside, she run out how we opened the door, or she even went out on the window. And of course she got pregnant. She had 6 kitties. We could not keep them here, we took them to the land in the house. How the kitties grow they did not want to stay inside, we left them out. We went there every day, we spent there a lot of time with them. But one day we could not find Baba she arrived just hours later. We did not think any wrong, maybe she just wanted to stay little without the babies. But know I know I was wrong. Baba is missing and she took her kitties, too. I know she went back to that village where we found here, but I did not see her there. I know she did not wanted to stay on the land because she remembered the shooting and she was afraid. She loved us, she still love us, but I know I will be able to take her back if I lock her inside. I do not want to do that. She chose where she wanted too live, where she felt herself good. I hope I will find her again and I can check her. But till she fill herself well, I will live her there. I will bring her home only if she has a problem. Till I wish the best for her, she deserved.  


What happened to her?

She was beautiful cat. I could not touch her, she was afraid, but she always came to eat. One day I found her like that. And it got from bad to worse. She kept coming to the food, but she could not eat. She became very thin, dirty and blind. I cried when ever I saw her. And she still remembered me. She came after my voice. She could not eat, she just drunk little milk and laid down. And one day she did not come again!
Cyprus rescue cats

Operation needed.

 She could not get it. She lives on the street. We had a good luck, she did not get infection, too. One of her ear is smaller now, than the others. But this is a smallest problem. She is all right. What about the others, who die without doctor?
Cyprus rescue cat