I remember the first time when I saw her 3 years ago. She was small, happy. She was still with the mother and brother. I fed them every day, but she was just like her mother, I could not touch her, she did not came near to me. After the mother left them, just I fed them. The brother, who I called Big Boy was friendly, but Beauty always run away how saw me. Big Boy and I went after her, to call back to the food. And the day arrived when I could touch Beauty also. First just with my end of the finger, slowly, gently and just for a short time. And of course the next week she let her self more, and the next more and the day arrived too, when I could pick her up. That she never left for anybody, just for me. We became a friend.
 She came to me every day, and not just for food. The street cats miss the love too. She came to me to play, to pet little. She knew where I live, she waited me at the house every morning, and when I moved a block away, she moved too. I loved her. She was a beautiful street cat.
 One summer night was a busy night, there were a lot of people passing in the parking place, so about 10 - 11 o'clock I went to check my cats. How I turned on the side walk I saw Beauty to run for her life and after her a young boy by motorbike. He - how saw me - left, Beauty was safe. But I was afraid. I knew this kind of boys, we had 'fight' with them no one time, I knew they came back. I could not sit or walk all night, and every night to take care of my street cats. The next day was Sunday. I went to check my cats early morning. Before the cleaners arrived. There were no people on the streets, the neighborhood was quiet. On the side walk, not far from where I saved Beauty, an other cat, a kitty was laying on the ground. I knew from far, I knew how I saw him, the boy came back and got what he wanted. He killed a cat. He killed a kitty of Princess. I saw the print of the tires on the side walk, I knew the cat tried and tried to run away, but he could not. And because I already have seen this, how they kill a cat, I let you know. Most of the time the boys is by feet and by motorbike. Who is by feet shout and of course the cat try to run away form them. But they are everywhere. They try to make a circle around the cat. And after come the boys by bikes. And most of the time they win.
 I wrote you boys, but it is not true. They are girls and boys together.
 I looked for Beauty and when I found her I was happy. She was save till a next night.

Beauty became a nice, big cat. She had kitties too, but no one survived.
 On 18.02.2010 I took our dog for a walk. And I found Beauty. First I just stand there and look at her. I could not cry, I felt just emptiness. After a minute I cried too much. I lost. I lost her, they killed her. I took the dog home, I picked up the photo machine and I went back to Beauty. I made photo of her. I am not crazy, I do not collect photo of the dead cats, just it was something so strange how and Beauty laid, so I wanted to show to my husband. How he came home I showed the photo to him. He was very sad too, and asked a question: " Do not you think it was not accident? " I told him, I think the same. It was killing and not an accident.
Today, 10.10.2010, month after Beauty's death I am still sad. I am writing this page, the tears running from my eyes. And I think over and over again what should I do to save her. My answer is : nothing. We did and we do everything for them what we can. Sometimes we wake up in the morning 2 - 4 o'clock, there is shouting on the street, and we listen: " there she is, kick her, now, you can" and we know somebody try to catch a cat. My husband goes down, he send them away, but they still come back, and we can not be everywhere. Unfortunately I can not save them, and again just I cry.

Apollo and Aphrodite

Two little black and white kitties. Jerry's kitties. They were three weeks old when Jerry could not feed them anymore. I tried everything to save them, but.... Both of them died in my hand!!!!!!!!


Cyprus rescue cats

Where is she?

She found us, and stuck here for a month. We loved her. She came with us to fishing, too. And one day she was nowhere. Where is she? Is she dead? Did her owner find her? I do not no, and I think I will never know.

Cyprus rescue cat