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 A family has two dogs. One male and one female. 3 month ago five puppies born. One of them the family want to keep, for the others they looked for owners. We found one. Yesterday after work we took one of the puppy for the knew owner. I was afraid and all the road (40km) I told to my husband: " I hope he will have a good life there."
 How we arrived two dogs run two the gate, on both of them collar for the fleas. After them the man came, too and opened the gate. He showed us the place. Near to the gate there is a house for the biggest dog. Home made, but very nice and inside there is a comfortable bed. At the house a clean plate for food, and clean, fresh water. At the house there were two smaller beds, one for a puppy and one for a small, but adult dog. The dogs are happy, they followed the man everywhere where he went, and they tried to jump up to see the new dog. The man put down the little one, who was afraid a little, but the three dogs accepted him in a first second. After five minute he begun to play with the other puppy. So I am ok, he went to the perfect place, I am sure he will be happy there.
 and today the man called us, he found owner for the other three kitties, two. I do not know anything about the other men, who will take the puppies, but I am not afraid. This man love his dogs, keep them well, I do not think he will give puppy to somebody, who do not keep animal on the right way.

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