A new family on the street

Posted by Sunlight Sunshine on Monday, April 16, 2012 Under: Cyprus cats
  A woman put out a mother with three kitties. She came to feed them every day. One time I went there to talk to her, and told her maybe I know someone who adopt them, can I give them? She told me yes, so we called one of our friend. He wanted the cat, but after his father got very sick, so no time left for the family, they stayed. On one Sunday the mother cat, her name is Julie begun to move the family. I was afraid it was a very busy day, but she managed it well with my help, so the kitties got a safer place. The only problem was the mother had to cross the road for food and water. I took this photo when she already took one of the kitties and left me the other two to look after.

So we decided to move the family. We took them where my husband works. There we can feed them, they have water all the time, and cars do not go there, the road is far. I hope they will survive. They are so cute! I love the mother, she is very clever and she looks after the kitties well.

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