Balthazar, Pepper and Lucky

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 Not long time ago I looked for help to spay Balthazar, 'Pepper and Lucky. They are up and down 8 - 9 month old, they are "big boys". Two of my male cats already left on the window, I did not want to loose cats more like that. And this area is just not good for the cats. There are too many cars, too many people. So I decided to take them near to my work place. I know, you can tell me there are a lot of cats already on the street, no need more. It is true, but it is true too, the three of them are from the street. First I took Balthazar and Pepper, probably they are bothers and after a month or so, my husband found Lucky. So I just gave them a chance to grow up and hopefully they have chance to survive on the street. I cried how I put them out from the box. I did not want to do. I do not want to leave them on the street. But I have no money to pay the doctor, and where ever I am looking for help, they rejected me with various reason. ( the doctor is too expensive, I live in the different town, than the doctor)
 So my "boys" now on the street. I made them a waterproof box, where they can sleep or stay if raining or very cold. The firs day they were afraid too much, I was happy they did not run away. The second day from morning Lucky begun to look around and play, and in the afternoon Pepper followed him, too. I was worried for Balthazar. He is my baby boy. He was more closed to me, than the others, he liked to much if I pet him. But today, on their third day I saw him to play. I hope he will be ok, and he will not be so sad. In the evening he tried to follow me to the car, and cried after me to pick him up. And I had to leave him there. :(

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