Balthazar, Pepper and Lucky - Bad news

Posted by Sunlight Sunshine on Sunday, February 20, 2011 Under: Balthazar, Pepper and Lucky
 In the morning I went to work. And of course my first "job" is to feed the cats. Balthazar, Pepper, Lucky and the feral cats knows my time, they already wait me. Today in the morning we had a big rain, they waited me under the trees. Just Pepper was not there. I thought maybe he was clever, and stayed inside in their box. But did not. He was not there. I looked for him all day, how my time left me, but no luck. After work we sat in the car, and went a lot of round around the place, maybe we find him. But again no luck. I can not imagine what happened last night. Yesterday in the evening Pepper was there with the others. And the last days they were happy. The weather was quiet good, they already has friends, they played a lot. So why he left? Balthazar is Pepper's brother, but Lucky is his best friend. It was sad to watch Lucky, how cried and looked for Pepper. When he could not find him, he went to Balthazar to sleep. Will I know what happened with Pepper? Will I see him again? Is he alive?

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