Batman and Turbo

Posted by Sunlight Sunshine on Wednesday, April 20, 2011 Under: Cyprus cats
 Two little kitties. They were not nice, but they were very cute. A lot of time I asked Turbo: "Is there any way I switch you off?" He used me as a cat tree, he loved to run up and down on me. He loved to see everything what moved, or made noises. But when I took him up, he put his head on my solder and begun to purr. Batman, Turbo's brother was a lot more quiet. He was bigger and stronger, but always Turbo won when they had a fight. He was not a fighter type.
 One day they got a flue. I bought them a medicine, so they begun to fill themselves better, I was happy. But...... something came out on Turbo's popo and hang there.  Prolapsus ani. The first time I see this. It was 11.04.2011. Next day we took him to the doctor. He put him to sleep, put back this thing and gave a medicine. He gave him for the flue also, and he told to my husband, we saved the eyes of the cat, there is no problem with it anymore.
 Turbo wake up from the sleeping, but his eyes were dead. He was not himself. I gave him water, food he did not want. The next day he ate, I was happy. I did not mind if I have to feed him every day, because he did not eat alone, I just hopped it helped him. But on 14.04 late night he got more and more sick, and at night he died. I was with him till the end and I cried above him, I knew I could not help. It was his fight and he lost. :(
 Batman was sick also, but he got a mouth infection to the flue. He died yesterday in the afternoon. :(
 Now I fill I give up. I have to give up. Again I cry. I miss them, I loved them, I did everything what I could to save them, but I lost. I put food and water with hypo as many time as I could, I hardly sleep, I did not even open the computer to be able to spend much more time with them. I am tired. Very tired. And why? They are gone, I cry.

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