Black weekend - Friday

Posted by Sunlight Sunshine on Wednesday, June 1, 2011 Under: Cyprus cats
 On Friday I was in work. I listened a car to stop, but I could not see, I listened something to fall down and the car left quickly. And after a second I listened little kitties to cry. I do not know 100% they through them out from the car, or did not but I thought so. The two little kitties - one male and one female - came after the voices of the people, they went to the cars and they were crying. Of course I put food for them and I tried to keep them far from the road. But it was nearly impossible. They were begging for  help. I made a bed for them, I put them there and I trough water on them when they begun to walk to the road. I pet them little and cleaned their eyes. Both of them had flue and infected eyes. Fortunately I had eye drop in my bag, so after half an hour both of them could see again. One of the little female's eyes was very ugly, I thought I already lost the fight - and she the eyes, but it was not true. After two hours I was able to see her sickest eyes, too.
 They are still there where I put them, I still put eye drop for them and the male is fighting with the flue. Sometimes, like today morning I thought he lost, because he did not want to eat or drink anything, but afternoon he did. Thank God they do not go to the road, they stay there where I put them. They do not make any trouble ether, so they can stay for a while. After I hope somebody will adopted them. Am I dreaming? I hope no.
(I have photos of the kitties, I promise I will put up how I have time, but now I have no. The reason of this what happened on Saturday.) 

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