Black weekend - Sunday

Posted by Sunlight Sunshine on Wednesday, June 1, 2011 Under: Cyprus cats
 The story is short, but sad. Sunday in the morning I listened a kitty two cry. I went outside I checked my kitties, everybody was all right so I looked for what happened again. On the road I found a kitty. She was on the middle and crying. I took her, I pet her, I told her how beautiful is she and after one minute when she left I closed her eyes and buried her. She was a very beautiful 3 month old kitty, with a very beautiful eyes. I still see her eyes and listen her cry. But the one minute what she lived after the accident is not enough to help or look for help. How many cats have to die on the street? Why we has no shelter who make free neutering/spaying program? I am "friend" with 40 -50 cats. If there is free doctor I can take them. But to pay from my own money? No way. One operation 60 - 100 euro for a male and female. It is not fair!!!

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