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Posted by Sunlight Sunshine on Thursday, May 23, 2013 Under: Cyprus cats
 I am so sorry I did not post here more than a year, but I have and time and computer problem. But let see.

 I try to move from the flat, what is not simple with so many animals. Some of the people act like I have some sickness, because I have cats and dogs. :) So I am still looking for the right place, what is cheap, where we have place for our work and of course for the animals. We have one idea where and how we will move, but this is not public yet, and not sure. :)
 I have computer problem, too. My computer is nearly dead, it is old and I used a lot, so I am not wondering, but I am not happy about it. But what is sure, if this one die, I will not buy other one. Simply it is just to expensive for me, and I have other things to pay. So usually I use my phone to post on the internet. It is ok to facebook, but I can not post here. :(
And I hope finally I can become a registered charity, too. :) I think I deserved it, 8 years I am in this country, I save the cats, lot of them can thank me their life. I hope God will give me power, and I can continue more. :)
I will try to transfer the posts from Cyprus Cats facebook page ( here, if I will have time and my computer will survive, too. :)

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