God Bless you little Lucky

Posted by Sunlight Sunshine on Friday, August 26, 2011 Under: Cyprus cats
 He came a month ago. He was very friendly, very clean. ( Just a question: Is he from house?) He stuck with us. He took one of our chair and he was best friend of little Pepper.
 Yesterday I smiled a lot in the evening, they were very crazy. They played catch me if you can, even with me, too. They know they are not welcome inside, but yesterday they run in, looked at me and run out, before I moved. So we had a happy evening, till when arrived a black and white cat. He came also a month ago, very friendly, very clean, and the last days very stupid. He cross the road, and not quickly, but slowly slowly. I knew one day he will have an accident. But what happened..... The black and white kitty crossed a road, and little Lucky saw it and run after him. I shout to them to come back, but they are cats, they left. After a couple of minutes I listened something hit the car. I turn and I saw little Lucky run from the road, the black and white opposite on the side walk. I run after little Lucky who did not make a meow, and walked very strangely. He went 6m and lay down. Other half minute and he was dead. I did not even have chance to help him. :((((
 This photo I took the first day when he came.

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