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 I am looking for any help to spay three male cats. I adopted them from the street, I hoped I can save money for their operation, but..... I just can not. I do not want to put them back to the street, I love them. But if I do not spay them, they will go! Please help me.
The three boys are
1. Balthazar
 8 month old male, he likes to much if I pet him, he always come with me where ever I go in the flat and he cries to me to pick him up.

2. Pepper, brother of Balthazar. He likes also if somebody pet him, but just when he is in that mood, not all the time, like Balthazar.

3. And the third but not the last Lucky. We found him, when he was very small. He cried alone in the parking. He was dirty and alone in the night so my husband picked him up. We brought him home and he finished crying, he felt home himself from the first minutes. He does not like to much if we pick him up, but he likes to sleep at our leg, or sit on my leg when I use the computer.

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