Hit by car

Posted by Sunlight Sunshine on Monday, November 14, 2011 Under: Cyprus cats

 On Sunday how I went to work and put food for the cats, I recognized this little girl just sit and did not came to the food. I was so strange. I went to check her, and I saw she hardly can walk. Probably a car hit her, just like his brother. His brother survived, what about her? I made her a clean safe box under the trees, where wind and rain can not catch her, and the water and food is near. More I can not do for her, just to check on her, when ever I have time.
 Today is Monday, she is little better, but she still hardly can walk. Fortunately she has appetite, she eats alone, and drink alone, so I think she will be all right. And I hope she learned for all her life to be afraid from the cars.

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