I am in trouble

Posted by Sunlight Sunshine on Saturday, November 5, 2011 Under: Cyprus cats
 The last two weeks more 10 cats come to eat. It is just too much for one person. In the morning 30 cats wait me and run to the car. Plus there is more about 20, who come, eat and go. I put food for them every day, but the truth, I am in trouble. The food what I put is just not enough. I want to put more so much, you can not imagine, but there is no. I bought 20 kg food, and after five days I had no. :( If this is continue like this, either I have to stop put for them, or I can not pay my bills. I feel sorry for the cats, what will happen with them, if I stop to put food for them, too? Will I find any solution for them?
 Anyway, here are a few photo of them.

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