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Posted by Sunlight Sunshine on Sunday, October 2, 2011 Under: Cyprus cats
 About 3 month ago I saw a cat run under the neighbor's car. I was not strange, I thought she was waiting her dinner. But how I try to put food for her and I looked under the car, she hissed and run away. She was so afraid. The next day happened the same thing. So from that day I did not look under the car, I knew she was hiding there, I just put food, talk to her and left. So a month ago she came out when I was there and I could see her. It looked she has a collar. But  when I saw her a next time I recognized it was not a collar. It was an injury. I do not really can explain in English how her neck looked, but the best what shows how ugly was if I wrote her had looked like somebody tried to cut her head off. She is afraid from me, but she waits me every night. She has good appetite and she likes everything. A lot of night I stay with her when she eat and talk to her. So for today she is three step away from me, and does not try to run away when I look under the car. If she is not  there I call her and she comes.
 Today I saw her from one step, but in the dark. Her fur is growing back, but her neck is still very ugly and she breath so strangely. It is remind me when the people has a problem and the doctor make a hole on the neck. And how they breath that make this strange noise. And her mouth also strange. I have to make a photo of her for you to understand how she looks, but I am afraid with the flash I will scare her away. Here at least she has food every night. So maybe no.
 Today she was waiting me how we got home. My husband was the first who begun to walk to her and she tried to run away, but how she listened my voice, she stopped. I think she trust me and I hope one day she will trust me more and I can check her neck what is going on with it.
 I would like to help her too much, but till she does not come to me I can not do a lot of things. :(

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