Is poisoning is the right way to finish a problem?

Posted by Sunlight Sunshine on Saturday, September 10, 2011 Under: Cyprus cats
  My answer is no, it is not. I understand the problem, I see also, but poisoning..? But let see the problem.
  There were always cats at the cemetery. Some of them born and live on the street, but some of them the people through out when they have unwanted kitties. Today there are about 100 cats around the cemetery.Small ones, big ones, nice ones, sick ones, what ever you can imagine. It is a big problem, and the people got angry. This I understand. The cats goes to the graves, play there or use as a toilet. They destroy the flowers. Of course the people do not like this. Who likes? But poisoning is the right way to get rid of a problem? I do not think. I do not believe there is no other way. I fill sorry for the cats, they did not choose to live there and they will suffer. Some of the people already begun to talk about poisoning them. I worry for them. I know one day somebody will put poison for them, not just to talk.
  I know 100 cats is too many. But think about it. If we do not begin to fix the problem it will be more and more cats there. They give birth every year two - three times. They can have six kitties in one time. So what will be there in two years?
 The only way to fix the problem is spay/neuter the cats, and they will have no kitties any more. What is the problem with it? It is very expensive. We have no free TNR program near by, so.... I just want to help them, but I can not.
  I called Catsnip, maybe they have any solution. The man with who I talked were very kind, you can feel he wants to help, but can not. Only he trap cats and take them to the doctor and back, and they do not really has money to do it. I know they try to raise money for the cats, and what they get they spend on the cats, but 100 cats? It is too expensive and too hard work for one or for a few people.
  So what will happen with the cats? I am with them every day. I can touch lot of them. I feed lot of them. And I have to see them to die????
  Please if you wants to help the cats click on the Donate button. I do not ask for myself, but on my own without money I can not help these cats, and they really need help.

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