It is cold here!

Posted by Sunlight Sunshine on Monday, January 16, 2012 Under: Cyprus cats
 I do not like winter. It is cold and rainy. And these days are unusually cold. It is 7 - 9 Celsius at night. I feel sorry for the cats outside. It is just to cold and wet for them.
 First he got sick.

About a month ago he got flue. I was worried. I know this can kill a cat on the street. They are without medical care, without warm place. He was not very sick, but I lost him three days ago. I have no idea where he is. He never left me, not even for one day, and now he is missing for three. Will I know what happened?

A week ago this kitties got the flue, too.

 It was a cold day with a lot of rain. In the evening when I went to put food for the cats, they were wet. They got from the rain. I was afraid for them, but it seemed everything will be all right. But three days ago they got more sick. And today they did not want to eat. They just laid next to each other. The black and white got very dirty. She was so nice kitty. She was not friendly, but one day I found her injured, probably a car hit her and I saved her life, just how I did with her brother. Can I save him now? I have no money left for medicine, I hardly can buy food for them. I do not get any help, and unfortunately my purse are getting very empty. I have no idea what to do. I want to save them, but I do not see any chance. It is so hard!

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