Lucky - Help me to take him to the doctor, please.

Posted by Sunlight Sunshine on Saturday, March 5, 2011 Under: Balthazar, Pepper and Lucky
 Today morning we went to work and it was strange no one cat came to the car. They sat far and looked. Even Balthazar did not come. Other mornings he tries to come in the car, but today nothing. And I did not see Lucky nowhere. My husband told me not to afraid, maybe he just slept, but I knew it it was not true. We looked for him and my husband found him and brought to me. Lucky was crying to much how my husband hold him. On the back leg there is just a little cut, but he hardly could walk. I put him in his box, I put him water and food. I checked him how many time I could. He purred me a lot, but he could not come out form the box. For the night we were afraid to leave him out like this. Who knows when dogs go there. With his injury he has no chance to run away or fight, so we closed him inside. He was afraid how I moved him, but inside I took him out, I showed him the place, what he already knew, so he went back to his box. What went? Just the two first leg is healthy, the two back legs are injured. I want to take him to the doctor. I want so much. I love him. But how? That is not cheap and I have no money for it. Again I have no. :(

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