Lucky is getting better

Posted by Sunlight Sunshine on Wednesday, March 9, 2011 Under: Balthazar, Pepper and Lucky
 Lucky spends the day with me in his box. It is cold outside, we have rain again and we are afraid we loose him. He hardly can walk, and he cries when he does, but day by day he walks better. For night we close him inside. The streets are not safe and he can not protect himself.
 On the first day he did not went to the toilet, he made under himself. I was worried, but on the second day he did it alone. He moves very slowly, he has a lot of pain when he does. So most of his time he spends in his box. I put near his water and food, and a lot of time even I hold the plate for him. More and more rest he gets, more quickly he gets better. The first day I thought he never moved again, but now I think he will.
 I think car hit him, because when he listen the cars he get afraid. I hope he learned his mistake and do not play on the road again. They have a big place where they can stay, play and no people and no cars goes there, but for some reason they always try to cross the road. I am happy he stayed alive, and I hope he will be a happy, healthy cat. And I still do not give up to operate stray him and Balthazar. I hope when come the time and I  move to the bigger place I can take them, too, and they do not need to afraid again. I hope they stay alive until.

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