Lucky walks again

Posted by Sunlight Sunshine on Sunday, March 13, 2011 Under: Balthazar, Pepper and Lucky
 Lucky feels better himself. Yesterday and today how we opened the door in the morning he went out. He is still slow, I watch his steps, but he walks and he tries to play with the others. Today he drove us crazy. I let him out and he hided himself, we could not find him. We needed 20 minutes, when I remembered he had a good place where he liked to sleep and nobody could see him. Of course he was there, and I was happy to find him. I am afraid I can not find him and put him inside for the night.  I am afraid he will have again accident. But the truth, he is afraid of the cars too much. So I hope he learned for his life and he will not make the same mistake again. I made a video of him, how he walks, but today I am very tried, so maybe tomorrow I will upload.

In : Balthazar, Pepper and Lucky 

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