Mini Shoni

Posted by Sunlight Sunshine on Monday, March 12, 2012 Under: Cyprus cats
 After Shoni died I brought Mini home. It was so strange. A cat, who never was locked in somewhere, and afraid from everything, I put in a cat box and how we started the car, she begun to cry, but how I talked to her she went to sleep. She was not afraid from anything. And in the room, when I put out her she felt home herself from the first minute. I thought there were a problem with the other cats, Skipper hated all cats who I brought home, but no, there were no. Mini was that, who hissed to the others, she did this at the shop, too. She did not like other cats, she was protecting here food and her "shop". Still she has to learn there is enough food for everybody, she can eat at any time when she wants, too. But she is all right here. She uses the litter box, she does not make any problem, like she grow up in the house. I will bring photo of her, too, where you can see how nice she became. She is clean, her fur is shiny and grow little. And just now she came to check what I write. :-D

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