Moro is sick!

Posted by Sunlight Sunshine on Tuesday, February 7, 2012 Under: Cyprus cats
 I do not really used the computer the last two weeks, because Moro got sick. She had a terrible ear infection. It was so heart breaking to see my happy kitty to stay where ever I put, did not eat, did not play, did not do anything. But thank to our doctor Moro is a lot better now, she ate a lot and today she tried to play with my hand. I hope an other week and she will be all right.
 This ear infection surprised me. I did not recognized in time. I thought about it a lot, and I still do not no what and where I missed. Our dog had no one time problem with his ear, but that we always caught in time. Why I could not recognize Moro had a problem?
 Here is few photo of Moro, I took them before she got sick.

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