Mother, with four kitties.

Posted by Sunlight Sunshine on Thursday, March 24, 2011 Under: Cyprus cats
 One of the mother cat made kitties. The time is bad for it, the night are still cold and sometimes even the days, too. I was worried, how the mother will keep them warm and safe? The first week past and it was not nothing problem. But after it begun. First one of the female died and next day her bother. They were the smallest and weakest ones. The other two grow a lot, their eyes opened, and begun again. The mother did not want to care about them any more. Or at least not all the time. She left the kitties alone for a long time, and I think she had not enough milk to feed them. Before yesterday I found the female dead, and the last male half dead. The mother was not with them. She was 2m away, so she had to listen the kitties to cry, I do not understand why she did not go to them. I decided to take the last kitty. He was a beautiful three color male. The first what I have seen. All other cats with three colors are females. So I took him home and I tried to warm him. I gave him food, but he did not really want to eat. I think it was to late. I hold him in my hand till the end!

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