My heart is crying

Posted by Sunlight Sunshine on Monday, August 22, 2011 Under: Cyprus cats
Today morning I shout to my boss' cat, because she crossed the road. Of course she just looked back and went on his road. But somebody else was very happy to listen me.
From the trees a little ginger kitty run to me. He was so happy to see me, like he waited me. He is very clean and he is very friendly. Again a kitty who somebody through from the house. He has no a lot of chance to survive. I put him where I put food for my cats, under the trees. Of course he did not stay there, he run to us. He played little, and went to sleep.
Half an hour did not pass, when I saw two person to walk on the side walk. They were in a hurry, to loose a little one, who was running after them. But the little one just run after them. They went to a shop, and how they came back the little one still run after them. I tell the shop is near. For me five minutes walk. But can you imagine how far that for a little kitty in 39 Celsius? On the way back the kitty exactly opposite me fell. He was so hot, he breath very quickly. I quickly picked him up, run under the trees, made wet his body and put water drop by drop in his mouth. After little time he got better and went to eat. I put there his brother, too. Now they are there, but I know I will loose them. They will go where they listen people, and they do not know the neighborhood, so they will be lost.
I do not know what to do. I can not adopt them, I have so many cats. But what I know they can not stay on the street, they are to small. They will die, and again just I will cry.

When I went back from my break, one of the little one was already missing. How I stayed alone, I listened him to cry, but from far and I could not go so far. I try to call him, but he did not came. The other one, who came second time stayed at the food, and came to me with little Pepper. He is so cute, nice and clean. How they had heart to through him out?

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