My new cats.

Posted by Sunlight Sunshine on Friday, December 17, 2010 Under: Cyprus cats
 Where ever I go there are cats on the street, who need help. Doctor I can not pay for them, but I can help them with food, water and love. I think this is also good.
 Now I have to place where I feed the cats. First, where I live, the second where I work. Now I like to talk about the second.
 A black and white, pregnant cat came first to eat. We named her Stucky from the word stuck, because she does not want to go. And slowly she adopt "all" kitties in the neighborhood. :)

 The photos are not the best I know, I made with my phone, and the kitties still was afraid. Today I still can not touch the them, just Stucky, but they come near me, they are sitting near the plate and wait the food, not like before, when they run away how they saw me. The kitties have no name yet, but I think here is the time to give them one, and here is the time to make nice photos of them. :)

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