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 I still have about 30 cats, to feed, but....
On  22 of November, 2011, I lost the little tractor kitty in accident. :( God Bless her little soul. I did everything what I can to save her, but I could not adopt her, and she needed a good, safe, warm place. I could not gave her that.

On 29.11.2011 I lost Pepper also. He was not all right. And I have no idea why? But his eyes was empty, like he looked but did not see. When a cat dieing has this look. And I even told to my husband I did not like this look. But I did not think it is so serious. It was on 28/11 and before. On 29/11 I called him and I could not find him. We looked everywhere, but no luck. I found him today. I was looking for an other cat, and see her sister to go in one place, so I went with the light to see who is there and Pepper was there. I can see only the back, but I am 95% sure is him. We tried to move little, but we can reach him only with a stick, and he stuck to the ground so we had no good luck. I wanted to see his face or his belly to be sure. To be 100% sure. Tomorrow I will go back daytime when I can see better, but in my heart I feel it is he.
 When I could not find him I told to my husband - "no way Pepper left me. If he does not wait me, he is dead." Unfortunately I was right.

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