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1. 2 kitties adopted from the street! I am so happy. I hope and wish they will have a good life. They will be inside cats. The family lost their cat, he/she died on the road, so they do not want to keep a cat outside anymore.

2. One day we went to put food for the cats, and how we came home we listened a cat to cry. We looked everywhere, and we found her under the side-walk.

She stuck there. We tried to open the man-cover, but no luck. We could not. so my husband called the firemen. They came, but they did not help. They tried to open, but no luck and they told, the cat wanted to be there, and she came out where she went inside. I told I did not think, because she did not come to eat or drink and she cried. anyway, they left us with the problem. It was already late evening, we could not do anything, but the next day my husband looked for the fixing man, who gave the right tool and the explanation how to open it. My husband needed nearly one hour, but he did it. He opened the man-cover and the cat came out. She run to the water, so I was right. She did not want to be there!
Here is the video how she cried to me to let her out, and the photo, she was out and I gave her food.

She was a beautiful, happy cat, till a car hit her. She died immediately. I did not even got the chance to help her.
I did not see to happen, but on the road, I could see the tires print. She/he went in water before hit the cat. And it showed how she/he drove the car, how she/he turned to hit the cat. I did not really want to comment this, but I believe in one thing: what ever someone do in her/his life, they will get it back! and the truth? I wish it is true, and who killed this cat in purpose will get back from the life!

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