Sadnes, sadnes always!

Posted by Sunlight Sunshine on Friday, September 23, 2011 Under: Cyprus cats
 A week ago I found one of my little kitty on the road bleeding. It happened just before I got to work. I quickly moved him to the shadow, washed his mouth, tried to see from where she was bleeding. No luck. The blood came from his mouth, but I could not see from the teeth or from inside. I cleaned her how I could and every time how I had time I went outside to him and put water in his mouth drop by drop. ( It was very hot day.) In the evening I could not find him. I thought he left to die, but the next morning he came to eat. He could not eat dry food, so I put soft food for him separately from the others. He ate very little, but at least he ate and drink alone. After 3 days he was a lot better. But his friend got sick (?) and died in one and half days, and after his brother, too. I had no chance to help. I do not know what was their sickness. I thought it was flue, but it was not. I think flue did not kill in one and half days. So I won one life, and lost two!!! Again I cry.
 And on the top yesterday I was waiting my husband to take me home, when a motorbike arrived, two boys on it and they went to the cats! But they saw me so they just made a turn, scared the cats and they left. What if I am not there? I was this before. For some of them it is so funny to kill a cat with a motorbike.

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