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 On Saturday Shoni was very happy. In the afternoon she even played with Mini. First they played inside, but in the evening they went outside. I was not happy about it. And they crossed the road. When I wanted to go for them I saw I was late. They were coming back. Shoni was the first one. And how she stepped on the road a car arrived. When she saw the cat on the road she stopped but how Shoni begun to walk she begun to go, too. She killed Shoni in front of my eyes. :( I still can not and do not want to talk about it. I see Shoni how she try to stand up, how her  blood made color on her white fur, and I feel how she got quiet and I feel the last breath ...... You can not imagine how I cried. I loved Shoni with all my heart. I miss her so much. And we will never have again cat where I work. We love them, but our door is always open. We can not protect them. Accidents and killings happen every day. Shoni's death was not accident. The woman saw the cats on the road. Why she could not wait little? Why she decided to kill Shoni? I can not understand this. How someone can take a life? Why people thinks they are God and they can do that? :(

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