Shoni, Shoni II

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 On Saturday in the evening Mini Shoni went outside and I went to check on her. I saw her under the trees with an other cat, who I did not really could see, but my heart screamed to me: Shoni!!! I went more near, and there was she. Shoni. Shoni came back after three weeks. Unbelievable. I went to her, she was afraid too much, but she let herself to catch. I called my husband on the phone, he did not believe me, but he told he was near, he came. When he came I gave him Shoni and I called my boss and told her the news. She told me, she did not believe me either, but she came to see. :)

Poor Shoni. I do not know what happened to her in this three weeks, but what I know she was a very friendly, happy cat, and now she is unhappy and afraid from people, from noises, from everything.
 On Sunday I had time for her, so I begun to teach her - she is safe
                                                                               - she does not need to go outside if come someone
                                                                               - just a wind make noises, no need to hide .... etc.
 I put her in this chair, I went down to her and pet her. When I stand up she looked scared, meowed to me and try to catch me with her leg. I think on her language she told me: don't go!

( I love this photo of her too much)

She left a lot of time, I had to go outside and look for her where she hided herself. She was really afraid from everything. And hated Mini Shoni. She tried to hit her, hissed her when she saw her, so Mini Shoni spend a day in her chair, or outside. I felt sorry for her, she did not know what happened.
On Monday and Tuesday we tried to teach them to trust us, trust each other. And do not go. Shoni left a few times but she came back alone. And I think today broke the eyes between them. Both of them wanted to sleep in the same chair. Shoni was the first who took the chair. Mini Shoni wanted to go there also, but Shoni hit her. So I hold Mini till Shoni slept and I put there Mini, who was afraid the first minutes, but when she recognized Shoni did not hit her, she went to sleep, too.

But when they woke up they had a little fight.

and at the end Mini went back to Shoni to sleep. I hope they will be a good friends and they can help each other the become a happy cat.

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