Stucky where are you?

Posted by Sunlight Sunshine on Wednesday, February 9, 2011 Under: Cyprus cats
When I begun to work in a new place in September, 2010 my boss fed a cat. She came there every evening and because she was pregnant my boss felt sorry for her. She was very tin and dirty. She lost the kitties on the first day, but she still came to eat. I fed them every day two times, in the morning and in the evening. So she stuck there. We did not know how to name her, but in one day came the idea - Stucky. From the word stuck. :) Because she really suck there. She never went anywhere, she stayed near. I could touch her, pet her and even pick up her. Every morning she sat at the door and waited the breakfast. On Sunday morning I was surprised. Just Stucky's adapted kitties waited us. I was not worried, I knew she was pregnant again, I thought she had newborn kitties and she did not want to leave them alone. On the second and the third day I begun to worry. I know the cats do not live alone the kitties for a long time, but they need food and water, too. So why Stucky did not come to eat? Or just I did not see her and she went to the plate? Today is the fourth day I did not see her. And the truth : I do not think she is all right. I think something happened with her. Accident maybe? She loved us and she prefer the food what we eat. She always came to the door and asked from our food. Why she do not come any more? Will I know the answer?

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