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 The winter is not so cold here, just in the mountains. But we had a week when we had a lot rain. My street cats tried to warm each other and they tried to hide their self from the rain. After a big rain I found one of them sick. He got cold. I was worried. I made him a waterproof box and I put inside towels, I hoped he slept there. I could pick him up just one time. I cleaned his eyes, nose and I put him in that box, but he came out. And after he left and never came back. I do not know he is dead or still alive, but I know that night we had a coldest night, we had 5 degree. I still wait him and I hope I will see him again.

 An other cat, about 6 month old female got sick also in this rain. I did not see her three four days, but she comes again to eat every day. I try to put better food for her, and I am happy id she eat little. Today she looked better than yesterday, I hope she will continue to get better. I can not touch her, she is afraid and I have no medicine no warm place for her, just the box what I made. I hope this and the better food can help her little and she will not die.

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