Winter III

Posted by Sunlight Sunshine on Thursday, January 20, 2011 Under: Cyprus cats
 The bad weather does not want to go. On Monday we had rain all day. I did not work, but I went there to check my cats. Half of who I found were wet and cold. I took good food for them, but nothing else I could do. The next day the rain stopped so I went to work. The cats were all right, they did not seem to me sick. But I have a little black and white boy, who does not stay there, he just come to eat every day two - three times and go. He was little sick from Christmas, but he begun to look better, but this rainy day made him more sick. He is very thin now, and sick from the cold. I tried to catch him, but I could not. He comes near me, but he did not leave himself to touch. He comes to eat every day, he came today also. I am afraid the day is near when I just wait him, and he will not come. :(

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