It was 2006 spring. She came to eat every day, with a boy, Ginger. And one day they did not  go, they stayed with me. They got a paper box with a pillow outside and they slept there. Devil was the cleverest cat, who I knew. The only problem was she bit little, if she loved somebody. She did not bite strongly, just little, where ever she could reach us.

 She was a street cat, but she did not go to the rubbish from that time, how I begun to put food for them. And she never fight with the other cats. She always waited till the others ate and she went to the food after. She was a quiet cat. She grow up near me, she never left me longer, then hours. She learned to live on the street, she did not trust people, she did not like if they went to near her, she was afraid. She had one kitty, Baba, who stayed alive, the others died. She was a very good mother, and she had the most beautiful kitties in the neighborhood. I loved her so much, I wanted to save her. But most of the time did not happen what I want.

 I took Devil, Baba, Tom and Jerry to my husband's land. We were there every day, we thought it could be a good place for the cats. They had a very big land to play, to walk, our nearest neighbor lived 500 m form us. It could be ideal for the cats. No cars, no drunk people, nobody who wanted to hurt them. But we made mistake. The bad people are everywhere.

09.08.2009 my husband went to the land, I stayed at work. When he came back, he was sad and told me what happened. It was a hunting season, and one of the hunter shoot Tom near to the house. He died immediately. Devil and Jerry were there near him, but Baba were missing. The next day my husband went again to the land, with a man, who had to fix something. Baba still was not there, Devil got very ungry and nerves how saw the strange man, only Jerry was like nothing happened. On 10.08.2009 my father died, I had to go home to my country. So my husband went alone to the land every day. But he could not fnd Baba anywhere, and from 11.08.2009 Devil was missing to. I still do not know where is Devil. I just hope she found a nice home for herself where she got that love what she deserved.


Cyprus rescue cat Skipper, given less than 1% to live at age 3 - 4 month.

It happened four years ago. Early morning I went to work. My husband worked at night, I worked at day. How I stepped in the shop, he told me: "Come outside! I want to show you something." I looked at his face, and I knew what he wanted to show me. A cat came again, who needed help. I knew if the problem was big I could not help. I followed my husband. How I stepped outside...........


Where is my street cats?

I do not need somebody to answer me. I know the answer. Most of them is dead, some of them moved out. They moved, because they hurt them every day, they do not leave them to eat, to drink. They even take my water and food plate, so if I am not home I can not be sure they have food or water. My dream is to be able to move to our land, where we can live nice life. Or at least nicer than what we have here. We try to save money to fix there everything to put electricity, to have a house for the cats. If I reach my dream I will take my street cats, too. But without a money it is impossible.
( On the picture you can see 4 kitties. There were 6, but two of them were afraid to much. They were Princess' kitties. No one survived.)

cyprus rescue cat