Devil had 6 kitties. I love cats, but I do not like if they have kitties. The reason, because I know they will die, I will cry. It is hard to feed them every day and the next day find them dead. But back to the family.
I was sad how I looked at them and I did not understand Devil, why she put them next to the road. I was afraid the car hit them accidentally or directly. One evening there were a big rain with strong wind. How the weather left me I run to the family to see they were safe or not. How I reached the place I found only one kitty. The others...? I did not know. I found no one of them.
Just for the truth I am not 100% sure the rain was the reason they left. Sometimes when they find the kitties they throw them in the rubbish and they tell: "we do not need so many cat here."

(Kathy, Snowflake and Mr Rochester)
It is true. We do not need. But I have just one question: Is this the way to finish a problem?
So I found just one kitty. She was wet, cold and alone. I could not leave there. I took her home, dried and I put her out, near to my door, where the mother was. My husband looked the kitty and told me to put inside her, she was still cold, the mother did not really cared about her, so she was alone, too.
I took her home and I gave to Baba. Baba had her own two kitties and Snowflake, too, but I thought one more could not make a problem, they were big, they already ate everything.
Kathy was OK on the first weeks. Baba adopted her, gave her milk and washed her. The problem begun how Baba left the kitties. The other three was well, but Kathy became sad and very dirty. Most of the time she was alone, she did not played with the other kitties. I pet her more than the others, I made her bath, too, I tried to help her. But it was not enough. After a few weeks I made her place in a big box of the dogs, to keep her warmer, to be sure she could eat and drink when ever she wants. The other cats begun to hit her, they did not like her smell, so I decided to do so. But it did not help either.

I remember the day when she died. In the morning she was saw happy, she ate well. I hoped so much the problem left, but early in the afternoon, how I went home to check on her, she was nearly dead. I stayed with her until the end. I pet her, I wished her nice 'after life'. And of course I cried. Again I.
You can ask why I took home if I have no money for a doctor? The truth: inside they have chance to stay alive. If Kathy stayed outside in that day, she lived one day. If Snowflake stayed outside she had just one hour and she died. Of course I cry after Kathy, but I see who I saved, too. And I remember a kitty, who I watched to grow up on the street, I waited so much the day when I could take from the mother, I took her home, she was sick, I took her to the doctor, and she died. So it is not sure a doctor can save them. It is not sure they can do more than I. It is just not sure.

She loved to sleep at the fire. I took this photo after the last bath.



You can use the lap top if you give me the bag.


Cyprus rescue cat

I found it.

 I found her in a parking place. I knew the mother, who had six kitties. They were just one day old, when the mother moved them. She left one behind. Of course before I took the kitty I checked to be sure the mother did not go back. After five - six hours I took the kitty. First I gave to Beauty, who had kitties, too. It looked she wanted to look after this kitty, too. But next morning I had a surprise.  Devil brought me the kitty. She stayed with her long time, and after she left for me. I brought her home. I gave her food and I cleaned her how I had time. She had a box next to the fridge. That side of the fridge was hot, so she had good bed to sleep. She was two weeks old when we forget the air condition on in the other room and the flat became very cold. She got cold and after two days she died in my hand.
Cyprus rescue cat