Kitties who had no name

 Their stories are the same. I found them or they found me, but it was late. They were sick or hurt. They were to sick to do anything. In this case I can do just one thing. Make them a warm, safe 'bed', give them little milk If they want, sit next to them till they die. It is hard. Very hard. I cried so many time because they. And I think I will more. Sometimes I close my eyes and I see them to lay in the box, I listen their breath and I feel the same sadness than there next to them. But I know if I find the next one I will not turn away my head, or I will not throgh them in the rubbish alive, like other people do. I will take a paper box and a small towel and I will pet them till they are alive.



In winter the hotel cats need help, too