She was just about 8 month old, when I saw her the first time in the parking. She was a happy and very busy cat. She had to check everything what moved or passed there. She did not walk, she always run. We became friends very quickly. She waited me every morning in my door, and every evening at my work - the two of them was not far away - and walked home with me.

And one day she did not wait me in the morning. Because she was already ready for the males, I did not worry to much. But in the evening I thought different. I still did not see her, so I begun to look for her. I found her in a dark corner, alone. It was strange she did not run to me how I called her. I went near her, she tried to stand up, but she could not. Somebody kicked her so much her back part of the body was not strange, she could not stand on her leg. Under one big tree I made her a save box, I put there food and water. Just I knew where is she. Nobody else could see her. I visited her every day minimum three times, to be sure she is well. Day by day she got better, but she never was that happy cat again and she was afraid from the people too much. When I left from home, or I came home she begun to run inside. I loved her, so I let her in. At least there nobody can hurt her. She was already pregnant, she made four kitties for me.

One of them died at age 2 -3 days, three of them grow up. For the little gray one I found a new home, and after not long time for the gray and white left to a nice family, too.

 The third one I kept it. I kept it, because she reminded me her mother, who left, how the kitties begun to eat. For a two days she did not fill good herself, she slept a lot and did not really wanted to eat. I had no so much money, so we did not run to the doctor, and it was a mistake. On the third day, how I opened the door she run out, and never came back. I do not think she stayed alive. I looked for her weeks in a neighborhood, but I could not find anywhere. So I kept her daughter, who I named so little. She is still with me.


Cyprus rescue cats Skipper, given less than 1% to live at age 3 - 4 month

 It happened four years ago. Early morning I went to work. My husband worked at night, I worked at day. How I stepped in the shop, he told me: "Come outside! I want to show you something." I looked at his face, and I knew what he wanted to show me. A cat came again, who needed help. I knew if the problem was big I could not help. I followed my husband. How I stepped outside...........


Cyprus rescue cat