It happened in May, 2011. I was at work when I listened a kitty to cry. I run outside but I could not find her. I had no so much time, I had to go back to work. So I listened the kitty four hours to cry till I had time to go out. I found her under the trees. She cried to much, she was alone and she was very small. She had no chance to live alone and I knew in that hot she had more a few hours to live so I had to do something. I always has eye drop in my bag. I emptied the bottle and filled up with milk and water mix. I know this is not the best for the cats, but I had no anything else. It was an emergency. I fed her, she was so hungry! After I put her in a cat box, she went to sleep.

From this day I looked after her. She had so much power to live. She loved her food, I took her with me where ever I went, to be able to feed her, so she grow up. She is my moro (baby) now. :)