It was my first winter here. I came to this country in June, 2005. In September I went to work in a different place, and everything begun. It was a rainy, cold day. I was bored, I had no so much work, so I went outside just to look around. On the street I saw a cat. She was far. I hoped she came to me. She had two kitties with her. I called them, and they came near to me. But they did not trust me. I could not touch no one of them. I put food and milk for them, and stepped back. They ate and they left. The next day they came again. Mother was tired, dirty and thin.

 It is hard to the street cats to find enough food for them, and for the kitties. Sometimes I see the mother cats how they take the meat what they just found and they run to the kitties. It is nice. They give the last peace to the kitties, and they eat only if the 'children' left something.
From this days Mother came to eat every day. And one day she 'forgot' to take the kitties. They were big enough to live alone, and Mother thought that place was good for them. One of the kitties was already friendly, the other I could not touch. The two kitties were happy at the shop, they slept under a big fridge, it gave them a hot place, I gave them a lot of food every day. One day one of them got sick. She caught cold. I tried to help her, but I could not touch her. The other one got sick also. I tried to help them, but how you can help if you can not take them from the street? The first one died, so I adopted the other, who was friendly. We put her inside, we took him to the doctor, but he died too. (On the picture you can see other kitties of hers)

Mother came every day for her food, but she did not left herself to touch. I could touch her only two times, but just on the top of the head with my end of the finger. But she loved me. She just never could trust me 100%. She never showed me the kitties when they were very small, but she brought them to me, or called me there when they needed food. And she left me touch the kitties. It was not problem for her. I think she was the oldest cat here. She were careful and clever.
(One of her kitties. I found a farm for her.)

In winter of 2008 she had three kitties. They were big enough to eat so I took food for them every evening. One day mother came to the shop. I wondered I left enough food for them till evening. But I thought she did not want to eat there, left the food for the kitties, so I took food for her outside. I put down the food and stepped back, but she did not went to the food. She just looked at me. And I looked at her and I was sad. She breathed hardly, she seemed to me sick. I knew I could not help. I could not even touch her. She begun to walk away and sometimes turned back and called me. I knew she called me to the kitties. But  I could not go, I could not leave the shop, but how my husband arrived I run to the kitties. They were well, but Mother was nowhere. I looked for her, but I never could find out what happened her. I never saw her again. That day, when I saw her the las time was 2008 winter, my name's day!

(The last kitties after mother's death. The left one got owner.)


She was like her mother. She came for the food, but she did not let herself to touch. She was a beautiful and careful kitty. One day I did not find her and Beauty. And because all day I told to my husband how worried I was, he told me he already found her, and he send me to the big rubbish in the parking to check it was Beauty or little Beauty. I did not go I run there to see. And it was little Beauty with a broken head. Probably they hit by a car. An other question it was an accident or not?