Princess had an owner. And English woman lived here not far, she loved Princess. Princess was nice, clean and fat. Sometimes she came to me, too, to check what I put for the cats. In this time we had a friend who worked in a restaurant, so she could give us a lot of meet. My street cats had a good time. Princess was a big cat, but she quickly became my friend. She always had 6 - 7 kitties. And what is strange, she could keep together the family. The kitties begun to die only when Princess left them. When she had a kitties she was thin and dirty, she gave all her energy for the kitties. She was one of the oldest cat here.

One day the English woman left the country, she was very sick, and she decided to go back to England. So I got Princess. She waited the woman long time, till she gave up, and stayed near me. She came to eat every day. Where ever she was if I called her, she came. I loved her. I still love her. But, the truth I do not know she is alive or not. She left. She left because they hurt her, she left because they did not leave her to eat, so she became very thin, dirty and tired. I found where she went. She went back to that place where the English woman lived. I took food for her every day there, but one day I called her, and she did not come. I do not know she left from there or she died. I know one thing, she left me her daughter, who looks like she.
I miss her. She was cleaver street cat, with a beautiful green eyes. She did not trust the people. If strange people fed her, she begun to eat, but one of her eyes was on the people. I think only I, and my husband could touch her and pet her, nobody else. And I know that's why she stayed alive so long time.


I found her in the sea

I found her in the sea. She was half dead. I took her out. She had broken tooth and probably more injuries what I could not see. On her mouth and ear the blood was coming out. Somebody kicked or hit her too much. I took a paper box, towels. I dried her, and made for her a hot place in the paper box. I cried with her. I had no money to take her to the doctor and I knew without that she had no chance.  I cried with her and I felt anger. Why I did not go earlier? Why I was not there? Why I could not do anything to save her? She died after 2 - 3 hours.