It happened four years ago. Early morning I went to work. My husband worked at night, I worked at day. How I stepped in the shop, he told me: "Come outside! I want to show you something."

I looked at his face, and I knew what he wanted to show me. A cat came again, who needed help. I knew if the problem was big I could not help. I followed my husband. How I stepped outside I saw a towel, it looked like there were something under it. I looked under it, I was horrified at what I saw. There were the three colors kitty from a parking place, who always run away how I put food for her and for her mother, Angel. She went to the food just how I left or I hided myself.

But in that day, under a towel she did not try to run away. She just layed there, she did not even move, she was nearly dead. One of her back leg was broken and open. We deliberated. Here just doctor could help, that was not cheap and we had no so much money, but we decided to take her to the doctor.

The doctor took the cat and send away my husband to think about what we want. He told the prize of the operation, he told they could not save the leg of the cat, it was not just broken, but already infected, too. So the cat had no 1% chance to live, better to put her to sleep. But he gave two - three ours to my husband to think about it, till they cleaned the cat.

My husband came back and told me the news. We talked a lot, we tried to find out what was the best. We lived in an apartment in one room with a dog.We had no much money, and we looked after about 30 street cat, who came to eat every day. But my husband closed the conversation with this sentence:

" She found us, she deserve a chance to live."

And he run to the doctor to tell him the news.  He was there when they cut the leg of the cat, and he brought her in a paper box and run to buy a normal box for her.

I stayed with the cat who was medicated, but still afraid. I tried to give her food and water, but she tried to run away. So I hold her with one of my hand and put tin food in the other, what I hold to her mouth. She ate very little but I was happy.

When my husband came back, we put the cat in a box. It was her house for about 2 month. We never let her alone, we always took her where we went, so we was able to put food for her when ever she needed, to clean her box, when ever it got dirty. We could put outside her just when we covered the floor with clean clothes, to do not get infected. How she got better, she felt herself in the prison she wanted to come out.

I knew it was a prison for her, but it was the only chance to do not get more infection. A simple colds could kill her, so we were very careful.

And after about 2 month in the evening I took her home, I closed the dog to the balcony and I let the cat, who got the name Skipper, out of the box. I will never forget that evening. I had never seen a cat so happy, running up and down and enjoying the freedom.

For a night I could not leave the dog outside, so I put the cat back in the box. She cried too much, but I was afraid from the dog. He had never have a cat before in his life.

The second evening I left the dog inside how I let Skipper out of the box. I was ready to jump if the dog tried to hurt, but after I just stand there and looked. I could not move or do something I was so surprised. The dog loved Skipper from the firs second, Skipper loved the dog so much she wanted to eat him. And the dog let her to do anything what she wanted. The photos are not the best I know, in that time we had a cheap, and not really good camera, but I think it give back something from the feeling what they felt in that day.

After a year we took back Skipper to the doctor, who looked the cat with tear in his eyes. He could not believe, the cat who one year ago got 1 % chance to live was alive, healthy, nice and big.

Skipper will be 5 years old on March, 2011. She is the queen home! We has only one problem with her, she is afraid of the people, she do accept nobody, just us.



A summer evening I was putting food for my cats in the parking place when I listened kitties cried. I wondered. I knew my street cats they had no so little kitties in this time. I followed the voices and I recognized it came from the big rubbish. I tried to find them, but I could not. Somebody already put heavy, wooden things above them. I came home in my eyes were tears...............


Our dogs likes cats, too

Cyprus rescue cat sleeps with a dog.