Angel threw five, beautiful kitties. When I saw them the first time, they were still wet. In this time the owner renovated the parking place, the houses, so Angel could not find safe place for the kitties, she put them just behind an iron things. I knew they could not stay day, from the morning they had too much sun.

Kathy, Snowflake, Mr. Rochester

The next morning Angel was so hot, she begun to bring me the kitties. I had no objection to it, but when they checked our shop, they promised us, they took our license if they found more one cat there. - From that time the shop closed, it did not worked very well, but I kept the cats. - So I could not keep the family there, I had to take back them to their place and I hoped Angel gave up, and looked for other place. But she did not. She brought the kitties again, and again. The last time how I took the family back I recognized two of them were dieing because they could not suck. I had home a mother cat with two 2 weeks old kitties, so I took the two small kitties and I brought them home quickly. I had no time to stay with them, I just put them to Baba, and I hoped they begun to suck. After four - five hours my husband came to work, I run home.

One of the kitty was already dead, but the other one pushed the biggest one away to be able to suck. Just she stays alive from the five babies.


Why Beauty had to die?

 I remember the first time when I saw her 3 years ago. She was small, happy. She was still with the mother and brother. I fed them every day, but she was just like her mother, I could not touch her, she did not came near to me. After the mother left them, just I fed them. The brother, who I called Big Boy was friendly, but Beauty always run away how saw me. Big Boy and I went after her, to call back to the food...............


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